Speed to fly

Airspeed Management (Optional)

It is also possible to let soaring control the airspeed in certain situations.

In THERMAL mode, the parameter SOAR_THML_ARSPD sets the target airspeed in metres per second.

In AUTO, FBWB and CRUISE modes, the parameter SOAR_CRSE_ARSPD controls the target airspeed when the aircraft is gliding.

  • Set SOAR_CRSE_ARSPD to a positive number in metres per second to use this as the constant target airspeed.

  • Set SOAR_CRSE_ARSPD to -1 to automatically calculate the best airspeed based on speed-to-fly theory. The best airspeed is based on current estimated lift/sink, headwind and the setting of SOAR_VSPEED. See the below talk for more information.

If one or the other of the above parameters are zero, or when the aircraft is using power (throttle > 0), TRIM_ARSPD_CM is used in the corresponding flight modes as usual.