QuadPlane Simulation

A simple QuadPlane model is available in SITL, allowing you to test the features of the QuadPlane code without risking a real aircraft.

You can start it like this:

sim_vehicle.py -j4 -f quadplane --console --map

To visualise the aircraft you can use FlightGear in view-only mode. The simulation will output FlightGear compatible state on UDP port 5503. Start FlightGear using the fg_plane_view.sh scripts provided in the Tools/autotest directory.

Note that to get good scenery for FlightGear it is best to use a major airport. I tend to test at San Francisco airport, like this:

sim_vehicle.py -L KSFO -f quadplane --console --map

Using the joystick module with a USB adapter for your transmitter gives a convenient way to get used to the QuadPlane controls before flying.

If flying at KSFO there is a sample mission available with VTOL takeoff and landing:

wp load ../Tools/autotest/ArduPlane-Missions/KSFO-VTOL.txt

As usual you can edit the mission using “module load misseditor”