Archived: NAVIO+ Overview



Board is very old, and has been superseded by other Navio (and other) products.



  • Processor (Raspberry PI 2)
    • 900Mhz quad-core ARM Cortext-A7 CPU
    • 1GB RAM
  • Sensors
    • MPU9250 as main accel, gyro and compass
    • MS5611 barometer
    • U-Blox M8N GPS
  • Power
    • Triple redundant power supply
  • Interfaces
    • UART, SPI, I2C
    • PWM Sum input
    • Futaba S.BUS input
    • 13 PWM servo outputs
  • Dimensions
    • Weight 12g (shield) + 54g (RPi2)
    • Size: 55x65mm (shield only)

More details can be found from the website.

Developer build information can be found on the ArduPilot dev wiki.