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The PX4FMU (“PX4”) is end of life and is not generally available for purchase - ditto this companion board! This article is made available for existing users.

  • The PX4-IO board Contains its own on board microcontroller and stacks with the PX4-FMU board.

  • Built in Brownout proof direct battery input power supply.

  • 8 High speed servo PWM outputs.

  • Futaba SBUS or PPM-SUM serial servo output.

  • Futaba SBUS, PPM-SUM or Spektrum serial inputs from your receiver.

  • Two user assignable relays, two 1/2 amp 5 volt outputs and an analog input port.

  • All power inputs are reverse polarity protected.

  • All power outputs are current limited.

  • All logic inputs and outputs are ESD protected.

  • All PX4IO boards use positive retention DF13 connectors and a variety of connectors.

  • Wires with pre-crimped sockets and pre-made cables are available inexpensively for the PX4-IO from 3DRobotics.

The Bottom of the PX4IO Board

  • Note the Red Circled item above is ferrite L1.

  • For high power servos you can remove L1 to allow you to supply power from an external power supply to a servo connector center pin.

The Top of the PX4IO Board


A Brief Description of the PX4IO Board


The PX4IO Board Connector pin assignments


The PX4IO Board Stacks On Top of the PX4-FMU board