ArduPlane RecordsΒΆ

Faster, higher, longer. These are the publicly-disclosed records for ArduPlane flight.

If you believe you have beaten one of these records, please create a Pull Request updating this document. Please consider the legality of your flight before posting. Also note any flights that would violate the ArduPilot Developer Code of Conduct will not be considered (e.g. manned flight).

Type* Vehicle Record Date Links
Fastest (groundspeed) Loyal wingman jets 350km/h 2020-10-01  
Fastest (airspeed)        
Highest NOAA Glider 75,000ft 2021  
Heaviest (non-VTOL) SilentArrow Glider 900kg 2021
Heaviest (VTOL) ?      
Lightest ?      
Longest Krauss Aerospace 26 hours    
Furthest ? km    
Highest $ Value Delivery ? US$