MAVProxy includes a few commands for managing waypoints. These can be entered via the command line or via the menu bar of the GUI console.

wp list

View the currently loaded waypoints on the autopilot.

wp load

Load a new set of waypoints from file.

wp load filename.txt

wp save

Save the set of current waypoints to file.

wp save filename.txt

wp clear

Delete all waypoints from the autopilot. It is not recommended to do this during an AUTO mission.

wp update

Similar to wp load, except only a single specified waypoint is loaded.

wp update filename.txt 6

wp move

Move a specific waypoint to a new location. When entered, a new location can be selected on the map window. If a DTED map is available, the AGL height of the waypoint will be maintained. This requires the map module to be loaded.

wp move 6

wp loop

Closes the loop on a mission, allowing the autopilot to repeat a mission.

wp remove

Remove a specific waypoint from the mission.

wp remove 6

wp set

The specified waypoint as the current waypoint. The mission will be run from this waypoint onwards. If the autopilot is running in AUTO mode, it will go to this waypoint immediately.

wp set 6

wp undo

Reverts the last waypoint change or edit. Only the last change made via the wp command can be undone.

wp undo

Using a GUI

The map module includes methods for viewing and editing waypoints on a map.