Flight Modes

Flight modes can be directly entered on the command line. This will send the appropriate command to the autopilot. Use mode n to change mode, where n is the desired mode. To get a list of available modes, enter mode.

mode auto

Enter AUTO mode, starting with the first waypoint.

mode loiter

Enter LOITER mode around the UAV’s current position.

mode rtl

Enter Return to Launch mode.

mode manual

Enter manual mode. On ArduCopter this is equivalent to STABILIZE mode

mode fbwa

Enter Fly By Wire A mode. Applicable on fixed wing vehicles only.


Enter LAND mode. Note this is only applicable on fixed wing vehicles.

A specific mode is guided. By entering guided alt (where alt is the desired altitude), the user can the select a point on the map window and the UAV will immediately begin flying towards that point.


Fly to the last clicked point on the map, or specified longitude and latitude. Requires an altitude: guided ALTITUDE or guided LAT LON ALTITUDE