The geofence represents a hard limit to where the UAV will not fly beyond. It is useful for preventing runaway UAVs (barring other software/hardware issues). If it breaches the fence the failsafe will be activated, returning it to the home point.

It is represented as an arbitrary polygon of waypoints around the flying area in a fixed-wing vehicle. In ArduCopter, it is a radius and altitude parameter(s) representing a cylinder around the flying area.

A fence menu is available on the GUI console.

fence list

View the currently loaded geofence on the autopilot.

fence load

Load a new set of geofence coordinates from file.

fence load filename.txt

fence save

Save the set of current geofence coordinates to file.

fence save filename.txt

fence draw

Draw the geofence on the map (if loaded).

fence enable

Enable the geofence failsafe.

fence disable

Disable the geofence failsafe.

fence clear

Deletes all geofence coordinates.

fence move

Move a specific fence coordinate to a new location. When entered, a new location can be selected on the map window. This requires the map module to be loaded.

fence move 6

fence remove

Remove a specific geofence coordinate.

fence remove 6