Startup Options

Run a build with --help to see the latest command-line options.


This command line argument, with # replaced by a number, is used to connect the an ArduPilot serial port to a serial device or network protocol. May also use old-style(-A, -B, …).

For each ArduPilot serial port, specify either a device file or a short string to configured the network protocol below. The user account running ardupilot should be added to the dialout group to access serial ports.

Serial Ports: /dev/deviceFile
  • --serial0 /dev/ttyAMA0

  • --serial1 /dev/ttyS0

TCP networking: tcp:<IP address>:<PortNumber>
UDP networking: udp:<IP address>:<PortNumber>
  • --serial5 udp:

  • --serial6 udpin:

Additional UDP/TCP options:
  • wait: wait for connection(TCP)

  • bcast: use broadcast address(UDP)


Directory used for logging. May also use -l.

Default is the per-board HAL_BOARD_LOG_DIRECTORY.


Directory used for terrain. May also use -t.

Default is the per-board HAL_BOARD_TERRAIN_DIRECTORY.


Directory used for storage. May also use -s.

Default is the per-board HAL_BOARD_STORAGE_DIRECTORY.


Directory used for modules. May also use -M.

Default is the per-board AP_MODULE_DEFAULT_DIRECTORY.


CPUs to bind ArduPilot. May also use -c. May specify a single cpu(1), multiple cpus(1,3), or a range(1-3)