Matek DroneCAN DLVR-10 Airspeed Sensor

The Matek ASPD-DLVR is a DLVR-10 sensor with a CAN/DroneCAN or I2C interface. The DLVR airspeed sensors are the highest precision, lowest temperature drift sensors currently supported in ArduPilot. It can also be used to attach a GPS and/or Compass and present them to the autopilot as DroneCAN peripherals.



  • ArduPilot AP_Periph F303 CAN node
  • DLVR-L10D Airspeed Sensor
  • CAN bootloader LED, Blue
    • Fast blinking, No communication between CAN node and Flight Controllers
    • Slow blinking, Communicating between CAN node and Flight Controllers
  • 3.3V Power LED, Red


  • CAN JST-GH connector, DroneCAN Protocol
  • I2C JST-GH connector, for interfacing DLVR-L10D in I2C mode (I2C address 0x28)
  • Solder pads for UART1, Firmware update for non-CAN systems
  • Solder pads for UART2, Optional for external GPS
  • Solder pads for UART3, Future expansion for MSP Protocol
  • Solder pads for I2C and CAN,for optional Compass and CAN daisy-chaining


  • Input voltage range: 4~6V
  • Power consumption: 60mA
  • Operating Temperatures: -20°C to 85°C
  • Pressure Range: 2500Pa (± 10 inH2O)
  • Burst Pressure: 75kPa
  • Speed Range: ±250 km/h
  • Size: 22mmx22mmx12.5mm
  • Weight: 4g

Connector Pinouts

CAN Port (additional CAN devices can be daisy-chained from this device using the solder pads on the back, see diagrams below)

Pin Signal Name Voltage/Tolerance
1 VCC 5V
2 CAN_H CAN bus
3 CAN_L CAN bus

I2C Port to Autopilot for use in place of CAN (enabled by unsoldering two zero ohm resistors, see diagram below.)


Solder pad I2C bus on rear is for attaching an external compass when this port is NOT enabled, and it will be presented to the AutoPilot as a DroneCAN compass.

Pin Signal Name Voltage/Tolerance
1 VCC 5V
2 I2C SDA 3.3V/5V
3 I2C SCL 3.3V/5V

UART3 (Future MSP Port)

Pin Signal Name Voltage/Tolerance
1 VCC 5V
2 TX (data out) 3.3V/5V
3 RX (Data in) 3.3V/5V

UART2 (via solder pads on rear)

Can be used to attach a GPS and present it to the autopilot as a DroneCAN device

UART1 (via solder pads on rear)

For future firmware upgrades in systems not using CAN/DroneCAN

Wiring Diagrams



DroneCAN Mode

Verify the following parameters are set on your autopilot via your ground station.

if optional GPS is connected to UART2, then set

  • GPS_TYPE = 9 (DroneCAN) or if it will be the secondary GPS, set instead
  • GPS_TYPE2 = 9 (DroneCAN)
  • Reboot

Make sure the DroneCAN compass driver is not disabled if an optional external Compass is connected to the rear I2C pads:. (COMPASS_TYPEMASK bit 9 should not be set).

I2C Mode

  • ARSPD_TYPE = 9 (DLVR-10)
  • ARSPD_USE = 1 to enable using the sensor on autopilots external I2C bus


if your autopilot has more than one I2C bus or presents its internal bus externally, may need to set ARSPD_BUS for the one you connect to on the autopilot.

Firmware Update

Firmware may be updated in the future to include the option of MSP connectivity. See here for instructions for using the firmware update UART1 pads, or if using DroneCAN, see instructions here

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