Avionics Anonymous Air Data Computer - Airspeed, Barometer, and Air Temperature¶

The Avionics Anonymous Air Data Computer is tiny, richly-featured Air Data Computer (ADC) for small unmanned airplanes. It includes an MS5611 barometric pressure sensor for 10cm-resolution altitude, a Honeywell RSC-series differential pressure transducer for extremely accurate airspeed, and a thermistor interface with high-resolution convertor for air temperature measurement with better than 1 degree precision. The device interfaces to your autopilot via a robust DroneCAN interface, which provides high reliability connections to peripherals over greater distances than I2C.


Avionics Anonymous Air Data Computer: Airspeed, Barometer, and Air Temperature

The following parameter should be set on the autopilot (and then reboot the autopilot):

If the device does not work please follow the instructions on enabling the CANBUS in the CAN Bus Setup page, followed by DroneCAN Setup steps.

The manufacturer’s product page is here for general information about the device.