Beitian BN-220 GPS / BN-880 GPS & Compass

Inexpensive, light, Dual Mode GPS and GPS/Compass using UBLOX M8N module

  • Receiving Format : GPS,GLONASS,Galileo,BeiDou,QZSS and SBAS

  • Frequency : GPS L1,GLONASS L1,BeiDou B1,SBAS L1,Galileo E1

  • Channels : 72

  • Data Protocol : NMEA-0183 or UBX, Default NMEA-0183

  • Single GNSS : 1Hz-18Hz

  • Concurrent GNSS : 1Hz-10Hz

  • BN-880 Compass IC: HMC5883L



Small GPS modules with small backplanes, such as the BN-220, may take a long time to acquire sufficient stability of their velocity and position lock to allow pre-arm checks to pass when using EKF3 in Plane or EKF2 or EKF3 in Copter. Solutions are to either wait however long it takes for pre-arm checks to clear, increase the effective size of the ground plane by putting a larger square of aluminum foil behind the GPS (be careful not to short anything, insulating it from the GPS electronics!), or increase the value of the EKFx_CHECK_SCALE which controls the tightness of the pre-arm consistency checks to 120 to 150 (this is NOT recommended for Copter).