All Stop.

  • When you switch to Hold mode, the vehicle should stop with its wheels pointed straight ahead.
  • It is necessary to set your throttle (RC3_Trim) parameter to the correct position for your vehicles throttle off PWM.
  • If you have a reversing vehicle with a center neutral point set RC3_TRIM parameter to 1500: (May need adjustment for your vehicle).
  • If you have a non reversing vehicle RC3_TRIM can be left to it’s default low (~1100 PWM) setting or adjusted to it if necessary.
  • In Auto mode if RC reception is lost, the controller will automatically switch to Hold mode.
  • If you enable Throttle Failsafe and set the Failsafe action to HOLD it will go to HOLD if radio reception is lost in all modes.
  • Normally you do not have to install this as a switch option.
  • If it failsafes to HOLD mode, switching to another mode and back will clear it.