Sensor Testing

This article shows how to check that the main main sensors (including position and GPS) are working properly.

Checking the main sensors

With Mission Planner connected, move the autopilot board and you should see the artificial horizon move accordingly.


Remember how artificial horizons work: when the aircraft tilts to the right, the horizon tilts to the left (tilt your head and you’ll see what I mean). This is normal!

In the screenshot below, the vehicle is tilted a bit to the right.

The map will also show your current position using the GPS sensor if you have the GPS module connected, are outside and have GPS lock.

Display Sensor Data on Graph

You can see the output from all the various sensors by clicking on the Tuning checkbox on the bottom right of the display ** 1 ** This will bring up the graphical sensor display.

If you click on the legend at the top of it ** 2 ** , it will bring up a window “Graph This” that allows you to choose which sensors and data outputs to display.

../_images/MP_RAW_SENSOR_DISPLAY.jpg ../_images/MP_Graph_This.png

A video showing how to graph the sensor data is provided below: