Balance Bots

ArduPilot Rover(version 3.5+) includes support for Self Balancing Robots or Balance Bots. This section provides instructions for configuring Rover to run on Balance Bots.

Supported Control Modes:

  • Manual
  • Hold
  • Acro
  • Guided
  • Auto
  • RTL


New or inexperienced ArduPilot users are recommended to go through the Rover Intoduction, Setup and First drive sections before proceeding with this section.

Before you proceed:

Balance bot support will be officially included in Rover-3.5 (and higher). Until this is released, it can be tested using “latest” which can be downloaded from the Mission Planner’s Install Firmware screen by pressing Ctrl-Q. Please note though that “latest” has not gone through beta testing and may have issues.