Mission Planner - Proposed Table Of Contents (TOC)

Revision date: 11/24/2013

This proposal suggests what may be a good structure for the Mission Planner wiki Table of Contents and perhaps for the Main website “Instructions” menu for those items that are “instructions”.

Use https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/ardu-wiki-editors to make suggestions, requests or notify the group you have changed this plan.

Proposed Mission Planner TOC (color, text styles added only to emphasize the major topics and sub topics.)

GROUND CONTROL STATIONS FOR PHONES AND TABLETS. - #HW Removed section here - these have been merged into the “Choosing a GCS topic” - there is no need for separate docs.

Legend for the ‘Proposed’ TOC for Mission Planner

  • Each bullet, text color or style indicates the proposed location in the order of the TOC and the indentation in the TOC.

  • (page url) A Link to find the wiki page to be used. (TBD) indicates the page is not yet created.

Creating and Naming new pages

If you create a new page in the Planner wiki, consider these suggestions:

  • The wiki page should have significant content about how the MP works, and how to use it.

  • A page with Vehicle Specific content, organized to fulfill BOTH the Vehicle specific information AND MP manual content, and is to be used in the vehicle wikis should start with the name “common-” so it can be automatically copied to the Vehicle wikis.

  • If the new page is not in the proposed TOC, add it above in the right place and with the correct indentation.

Other things to consider.

Feel free to work with the group to change this process or this page to make the effort of organization and contribution easier.

For Editors without privileges to organize the site, menus and TOCs, Use this as a guideline for inputs and request to change the Organization or the TOC and the content of the Planner wiki. The ‘Proposed’ TOC above thus becomes the combined inputs of the editors. and is a work in progress for the process of migration of pages to common area, adding pages to the website’s Planner area, and the Mission Planner TOC, Make requests, suggestions etc here https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/ardu-wiki-editors

For those who do the TOCs and website organization, come here to view the requests/suggestions for TOC changes.