Mission Planner Flight Plan

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This section covers what you see and what you can do when in the Flight Plan area of Mission Planner - selected in the menu at the top of the Mission Planner application. This section provides for planning and executing flight plans - called missions.

The Flight Plan Screen

  • Upper left corner: Displays the current latitude and longitude of the mouse position and the distance between way points.
  • Right side: Displays the Actions panel. To open/close the panel click the green chevron icon [<<]/[>>] in the upper right hand corner
  • Way Point Detail: At the bottom of the planner view you will see the green “Waypoints” bar with a chevron (up or down icon) on the right side of the bar. Click the chevron to open or close the way point detail. Each mission action entry is entered in the list.

Mission Planning Details

Here is where you will find the details for mission planning: