Wiki Editing - Archiving and Deleting

Topics that are no longer relevant for current products, but which may be useful for some existing users, should be archived.

This is done by:

  1. Add “Archived:” prefix to the page title:

    Archived: Original title
  2. Add a warning directive with a note below the title, explaining that the article is archived. If possible, provide additional information about why it has been archived, and links to alternative/more up-to-date information:

    .. warning
        This topic is archived.
  3. Move the topic under “Archived Topics” in the menu (you will need to edit the toctree directive in Archived Topics).

Deleting wiki pages

Wiki pages can be deleted by removing them from github and any menu in which they appear.


Before deleting a wiki page it is important to ensure that it is not the parent of other menu items (e.g. it does not contain a “toctree”)