Holybro S500


The Holybro S500 is a relatively low cost and easy to assemble frame including flight controller, GPS, motors, BLHeli ESCs and propellers

Parts List

  • S500 V2 Kit-Pix32v5 (ArduPilot) (be sure to push the, “S500 V2 Kit-Pix32v5 (ArduPilot)” button on the right side of the page)

  • 3300mAh to 5300mAh 3S or 4S battery

  • RC transmitter with at least 6 channels

Connection and Setup

  • Follow the assembly instructions provided with the kit

  • Use Mission Planner (or another GCS) to load the Holybro-S600.param parameter file. This file can also be loaded using the Mission Planner’s Config/Tuning >> Full Parameter Tree page by selecting “Holybro-S500” from the drop down on the middle right and then pushing the “Load Presaved” button.