AmovLab P200


The AmovLab P200 is an almost-ready-to-fly quadcopter designed for education and research users especially those who wish to mount a companion computer like the NVidia TX2

Parts List

  • The frame will be available for purchase from late 2019 onwards from many Hex retailers

  • 3300mAh to 5300mAh 3S battery

  • RC transmitter with at least 6 channels like the Futaba T10J

Connection and Setup

  • Mount the RC receiver to the frame and connect to the autopilot’s “RC IN” port. Note that the white wire should be at the bottom

Firmware used: Copter-4.0

Parameter file: amovlab-p200.param

This parameter file can also be loaded using the Mission Planner’s Config/Tuning >> Full Parameter Tree page by selecting “amovlab-p200” from the drop down on the middle right and then push the “Load Presaved” button.