Follow Mode

When switched into Follow, the vehicle will attempt to follow another vehicle (or anything publishing its position) at a specified offset. The vehicle lead vehicle’s position must be published to the vehicle in Follow mode using a telemetry system.


Follow is available in Copter-3.6 and Rover-3.5 (and higher)

The following parameters can be used to tune FlowHold’s performance:

  • FOLL_ENABLE : set to 1 to enable follow mode and refresh parameters
  • FOLL_SYSID : MAVLink system id of lead vehicle (“0” means follow the first vehicle “seen”)
  • FOLL_DIST_MAX : if lead vehicle is more than this many meters away, give up on following and hold position
  • FOLL_OFS_X, FOLL_OFS_Y, FOLL_OFS_Z : 3D offset (in meters) from the lead vehicle
  • FOLL_OFS_TYPE : set to 0 if offsets are North-East-Down, 1 if offsets are relative to lead vehicle’s heading
  • FOLL_YAW_BEHAVE : controls whether follow points in the same direction as lead vehicle or always towards it
  • FOLL_POS_P : gain which controls how aggressively this vehicle moves towards lead vehicle (limited by WPNAV_SPEED)
  • FOLL_ALT_TYPE : allows selecting whether to use lead vehicle’s relative-to-home or relative-to-sea-level altitude