Pomegranate Systems CAN/DroneCAN Power Module


Intelligent power monitor, accurate fuel gauge, and efficient 5V/2A power supply with a CANbus interface.

  • High-resolution current and voltage monitoring with state of charge integration.

  • Power monitoring for battery, 5V, and 3V rails.

  • Supports 2-6S batteries (6-26V) and currents of up to 100A, when actively cooled.

  • CANbus interface using DroneCAN v0 protocol (PX4 / ArduPilot Compatible).

  • Efficient 5V switching regulator provides up to 2A of low noise current.

  • Daytime visible state of charge LED

  • Electronic CANbus termination simplifies wiring.

  • Multiple modules on the same bus can monitor multiple power sources.

  • Board-mounted battery connectors and M2.5 mounting holes provide a robust battery entry point.

  • Open Source Firmware

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