Flight Modes

This article provides an overview and links to the available flight modes for Copter.


Copter has 20 flight built-in flight modes, 10 of which are regularly used. There are modes to support different levels/types of flight stabilization, a sophisticated autopilot, a follow-me system etc.

Flight modes are controlled through the radio (via a transmitter switch), via mission commands, or using commands from a ground station (GCS) or companion computer.

ModeAlt CtrlPos CtrlGPSSummary
Stabilize-+Self-levels the roll and pitch axis
Alt Holds+Holds altitude and self-levels the roll & pitch
LoiterssYHolds altitude and position, uses GPS for movements
RTLAAYRetruns above takeoff location, may aslo include landing
AUTOAAYExecutes pre-defined mission
Acro--Holds attitude, no self-level
AutotunesAYAutomated pitch and bank procedure to improve control loops
BrakesAYBrings copter to an immediate stop
CirclesAYAutomatically circles a point in front of the vehicle
Drift-+YLike stabilize, but coordinates yaw with roll like a plane
FlipAARises and completes an automated flip
GuidedAAYNavigates to single points commanded by GCS
LandAs(Y)Reduces altitude to ground level, attempts to go straight down
PosHolds+YLike loiter, but manual roll and pitch when sticks not centered
SportssAlt-hold, but holds pitch & roll when sticks centered
ThrowAAYHolds position after a throwing takeoff
Follow MesAYFollows another GPS on the ground
Simple/Super SimpleYAn add-on to flight modes to use pilot's view instead of yaw orientation
RTLAAYRTL, but traces path to get home
-Manual control
+Maunal control with limits & self-level
sAutomated stabilized control
AAutomatic control

GPS Dependency

Flight modes that use GPS-positioning data require an active GPS lock prior to takeoff. To see if your autopilot has acquired GPS lock, connect to a ground station or consult your autopilot’s hardware overview page to see the LED indication for GPS lock. Below is a summary of GPS dependency for Copter flight modes.

Requires GPS lock prior to takeoff:

Do not require GPS lock: