Sport Mode

Sport Mode is also known as “rate controlled stabilize” plus Altitude Hold.


  • It was designed to be useful for flying FPV and filming dolly shots or fly bys because you can set the vehicle at a particular angle and it will maintain that angle.
  • The pilot’s roll, pitch and yaw sticks control the rate of rotation of the vehicle so when the sticks are released the vehicle will remain in it’s current attitude.
  • The vehicle will not lean more than 45 degrees (this angle is adjustable with the ACRO_BALL_ROLL and ACRO_BALL_PITCH parameters)
  • The altitude is maintained with the altitude hold controller so the vehicle will attempt to hold it’s current altitude when the sticks are placed with 10% of mid-throttle. It will climb or descend at up to 2.5m/s (this speed is adjustable with the PILOT_VELZ_MAX parameter)