Installing Ground Station (GCS) softwareΒΆ

ArduPilot can be used with many different ground stations.

Developers typically use a desktop GCS, as these tend to provide deeper access to vehicle setup parameters and advanced debugging features. If you just want to fly you may instead choose to use a GCS running on a mobile OS (iOS, Android).

Installation links for some of the more popular GCS systems are provided below:

  • Mission Planner (Windows, Linux, Android): Install Mission Planner This GCS is the most compatible and closely tracks new features and updates in ArduPilot. It is recommended for first-time users and power users alike. It functions best in the Windows environment.

  • QGroundControl (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android and iOS).This is the most popular GCS for Android based systems and provides the best presentation on small format devices like cellphones. Does not have all the capabilities of Mission Planner, but has a more user-friendly interface for some functions. Operates well on all platforms

  • APM Planner 2 (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux): Install APM Planner 2 -Provides basic functionality, but is not currently well maintained and updated.