ArduPilot Rover

Success with Rover requires that the 'First Time Setup' and 'First Drive and Tuning' sections of this documentation be read and followed!


Rover is a sophisticated open-source firmware, specially designed for autopilots in ground and water vehicles. This firmware supports not only conventional 3 or 4 wheel configurations, but also extends to boats, sailboats, balance bots, and walking robots. This versatile system is capable of running missions entirely autonomously, which can be defined via mission planning software or manually pre-recorded by the driver.

Rover is compatible with a wide variety of supported autopilot boards.

Proudly, Rover was the winning platform at the 2013 and 2014 Sparkfun Autonomous Vehicle Competition. However, Rover’s functionality has extended far past this single event. It’s being employed in numerous practical applications, including, but not limited to, agricultural automation. You can explore a few of these applications in our Video Demos.


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