Team Black Sheep RC Systems

Any Crossfire compatible receiver can be used with ArduPilot.

If you do not wish to use telemetry then a TBS Crossfire receiver can be connected to the RCIN port using SBUS

CRSF Receivers

If you wish to use telemetry then a TBS receiver can be connected to a UART utilizing the CRSF protocol.

CRSF is a full-duplex protocol that supports integrated telemetry and a number of other features. Connect the RX pin of the UART to the TX pin of the CRSF device and vice versa. Currently a full-duplex UART connection is required.

In the configuration of the serial port select the RCIN protocol. So for example for serial port 4:

With the receiver connected and configured correctly proceed with RC calibration as normal.

CRSF Video Transmitters

TBS Video Transmitters can also be connected to ArduPilot using the CRSF protocol. This allows the VTX to be configured via parameters and, for VTXs such as the TBS Unify Evo , receive telemetry data that can be displayed using the built-in OSD.

If you are using CRSF for RC input as well then nothing more needs to be done in order to enable VTX control.

If you only with to use CRSF for VTX control then connect the VTX to the UART in the normal way - TX to RX and RX to TX and configure the UART connection as follows: