Setup Guide for MakeFlyEasy Believer

The MakeFlyEasy Believer is a relatively low-cost dual motor plane which makes it easy to launch and/or carry a significant payload.

This page provides details on how to assemble and configure this vehicle or you may choose to buy a ready-to-fly Believer from KG aviation

Parts List

The manufacturer recommended parts can be found by clicking the bottom left icon on the MakeFlyEasy home page but this list is also expanded upon below.

  • Believer 1960mm frame is available from many retailers
  • 2x Sunny Sky 2814 KV900 motor
  • 2x Hobbywing 40A ESC
  • 4x Yingyan ES3054 Servos
  • 2x APC1170 forward and backward propeller (if using 4S battery) OR 2x APC1260 forward and backward propeller (for 6S)
  • 20,000mAh 4S battery OR 16,000mAh 6S
  • ArduPilot compatible autopilot
  • Telemetry system