QuadPlane Parameter setup

All QuadPlane specific parameters start with a “Q_” prefix. The parameters are very similar to the equivalent Copter parameters so if you are familiar with those you should find setting up a QuadPlane is easy.

Key parameters are:

  • To enable QuadPlane functionality you need to set the Q_ENABLE parameter to 1 and then refresh the parameter list
  • The Q_THR_MIN_PWM and Q_THR_MAX_PWM parameters used to set the PWM range of the quad motors (this allows them to be different from the range for the forward motor). These need to be set to the range your ESCs expect.
  • The most critical tuning parameters are Q_A_RAT_RLL_P and Q_A_RAT_PIT_P. These default to 0.25 but you may find significantly higher values are needed for a QuadPlane.
  • The Q_M_SPIN_ARMED parameter is important for getting the right level of motor output when armed in a quad mode
  • It is recommended that you set ARMING_RUDDER to 2 to allow for rudder disarm. Alternatively you could have MANUAL as one of your available flight modes (as that will shut down the quad motors). Please be careful not to use hard left rudder and zero throttle while flying or you risk disarming your motors.
  • The Q_THR_MID parameter is important for smooth transitions. It defaults to 500 which means 50% throttle for hover. If your aircraft needs more or less than 50% throttle to hover then please adjust this. That will prevent a throttle surge during transition as the altitude controller learns the right throttle level


The QuadPlane code requires GPS lock for proper operation. This is inherited from the plane code, which disables inertial estimation of attitude and position if GPS lock is not available. Do not try to fly a QuadPlane indoors. It will not fly well