Open Board Architecture for Linux - OBAL Overview



  • Processor (Raspberry PI Zero & 42)

  • Sensors

    • MPU9250 as main accel, gyro and compass

    • BMP-180 barometer

  • Interfaces

    • UART, SPI, I2C

    • PWM 8-Channels

    • 16 PWM servo outputs

How to get It

Obal is an open source architecture DIY board. You need to get its components and build it yourself.

MPU: (MPU 9250)

BARO: (BMP-180)

ADS: (ADS-1115)

PWM: (PCA9658)

Led & Buzzer Drive ULN2803: (ULN2803)

R1 10KOhm: (10KOhm SMD)

R2 470Ohm: (470Ohm SMD)

LEDs 1W : (LED 1W). Any LEDs can work here even the normal small leds.

Buzzer: (Active Buzzer)

Board: (Board Gerber File) and you can order it from (here) or any other pcb manufacturers.

More Information


More details can be found from the Obal github.