MakeFlyEasy Striver Mini VTOL

Striver mini VTOL is a 7 kg class vertical take-off and landing UAV, which continues the classic aerodynamic layout, high reliability avionics system and modular design of the MakeFlyEasy Fighter VTOL.

More information can be found on the MakeFlyEasy home page.

Basic Parameters

  • Wingspan: 2100mm

  • VTOL arm: 744mm

  • Fuselage height: 156mm (without foot pads)

  • Fuselage length: 1200mm

  • Wing area: 59dm2

  • Cruising speed: 18-21m/s

  • Max. payload: 1kg

  • Maximum takeoff weight: Less than 7.5kg

  • Maximum takeoff altitude: 3000m(altitude)

  • Practical lift altitude: 4500m(altitude)

  • Wind resistance: Class 5 (normal operation)

  • Takeoff mode: vertical takeoff and landing

  • Disassembly and assembly method: tool-less quick disassembly

  • Load compartment size:180×150×110mm

  • Transport box inch: 1.07×0.35×0.48m

  • Range performance: 107min/115km (speed 19m/s load 600g, battery 6S@22000mah, takeoff weight 6.8kg)

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