3DR Solo - Smart Battery Calibration

The Solo Smart Battery may need recalibration from time to time. The following write up details how execute a recalibration of the BMS.

  1. Gently discharge the battery pack until it cuts off the first time (this is around 12V).

  2. Allow the pack the relax for at least 5 hours. The pack’s voltage will climb above 12V during this process. DO NOT TRY TO DISCHARGE THE PACK AGAIN. Damage to the battery may result.

  3. Charge the pack completely and leave it on the charger for 48 hours. The pack will relax, then do a balance cycle, then top off.

  4. Let the pack sit for at least 2 hours off the charger before using the pack.

This tutorial was written by the Solo EE team (Jeff Wurzbach and Philip Rowse).