SkyRocket Throw Mode

The SkyViper is such a small frame that is is great for Throw Mode. If you want to try throw mode then first read the throw mode documentation.

Here are some extra tips for throw mode on the SkyViper:

  • you can assign throw mode to a button on your TX. Go to the web interface at and choose the parameters page. Then assign throw mode to one of the action buttons. I like using ACTION5, which you get by holding the MODE button, then pressing the right shoulder button (the one marked with the photo icon)

  • wait till you have full GPS lock (green LED on transmitter is solid)

  • with your skyviper disarmed and on the ground, select throw mode with the button you have setup in the first step. You will hear a bip-boop-bip sound from the TX

  • now press the “return” button to arm your copter. The motors will not start spinning.

  • look at your transmitter LEDs. If the green LED is flashing rapidly then you are ready to throw. Do not throw the copter unless the green LED is flashing rapidly

  • pickup the copter by one of the legs, keeping fingers clear of the propellers

  • throw it as high as you can with one smooth motion

  • do NOT swing your arm back and forward to “wind up” for the throw, otherwise the copter may think the throw has been done and will start the motors

  • be ready to press the power button on the TX for instant disarm if something goes wrong

  • after the throw, the copter will take a few seconds to settle, then will automatically switch to LOITER mode for you to fly it