Installing APM Planner for Windows

System Requirements

Windows 7 or later


300 MB free space

Internet connection to use maps


Download the insatller (XXX_win.exe) file for your machine from

And also check the discussion forum for lastest info

Run .exe file

Open the .exe file to run the installation wizard. Read the open-source license agreement, and select Accept. Select a destination folder for the installation (the default option is fine if you aren’t sure).

../_images/apm_planner_license-agreement.png ../_images/ap2_installation-folder.png

Select options

Choose your installation options. Select APM Planner 2 files and Qt components. Select Create Start Menu Shortcuts to make APM Planner easy to access from the start menu. Select Install.


Close wizard to complete installation

Select Close to exist the wizard. Your installation is now complete. Open APM Planner to run the application.