Wiki Editing - Submitting Changes

Once you have completed changes to the wiki on your local machine and tested they are rendered correctly, follow the instructions below to submit a PullRequest to have them included in the wiki. This is the same PR process used for the flight code


If you are not familiar with Git and GitHub please refer to the Using Git pages to learn the basics.

There are a number of way of using Git/Github - including a number of different GUI and command line tools. The typical process for working with Git on the command line is:

  1. Rebase your repo’s master branch on the upstream ardupilot_wiki repo’s master branch:

    • The very first time a “remote” pointing back to the upstream ardupilot_wiki repository must be created

      git remote add upstream
    • Switch to your repo’s master branch

      git checkout master


    If the above command fails because of changes made to some files, temporarily “stash” the changes by typing git stash save my-changes and then later re-applied the changes by typing git stash apply stash@{0}

    • Pull in the changes from upstream/master to your master branch

      git fetch upstream
      git rebase upstream/master


      Be sure to repeat these first steps if you make new changes in the future, to assure that your local repo is up to date

  2. Create a branch in your local clone for your changes

    git checkout -b my_well_named_branch
  3. Make any changes needed and test them locally

  4. Add (aka “Stage”) and Commit your changes:

    git add the_name_of_file_you_changed.rst
    git commit -m "A short explanation of the change"
  5. “Squash” your commmits. See Interactive Rebase: cleaning up commits. There should be onlt one commit for changes related to a given topical change, even if multiple pages wuth changes are involved.

  6. Push your commits to your fork on GitHub

    git push --set-upstream origin my_well_named_branch
  7. Open your clone’s repository on the GitHub web page and Create a pull request on GitHub. You’ll be making a pull request from your fork/branch on GitHub to the ardupilot_wiki/master repository. If using the GitHub for Windows client, one convenient way to navigate to the repository/branch is to click one of your commits and click the “github” (view this commit on button:

  8. On top of the web page select the “Pull Request” tab page, and then select the green “New pull request” button:

  9. The comparison should be between ardupilot_wiki:master and the new branch you created. The website probably has defaulted to your clone’s master branch so click the “compare” combo box and change it to the correct branch:

  10. Check the list of change at the bottom of the page only includes your intended changes, then press “Create pull request”.

How to get changes approved

All changes to the wiki are reviewed by the wiki “maintainers” to help reduce the chance of misleading or incorrect information being posted. Feel free to post comments in the PullRequest and/or attend the weekly dev meeting to escalate getting your changes submitted.