Windows Development Environment

You will need to have Python 3

It is assumed that Python and pip are on the system path. If not, see here for instructions.

To install the required libraries:

pip install wheel setuptools
pip install pywin32 lxml pymavlink numpy matplotlib pyserial opencv-python PyYAML Pygame Pillow wxpython prompt-toolkit scipy
pip install pyinstaller packaging

Download the MAVProxy source.

After making the desired changes, MAVProxy is required to be compiled into the Python directory (the modules won’t work otherwise). This needs to happen after any changes to the source code. This can be done by running the ./MAVProxy/MAVProxyWinUSB.bat or ./MAVProxy/MAVProxyWinLAN.bat file. This will perform the necessary build actions and then run MAVProxy. Some of the details in the batch files (port numbers, etc) may need to be altered to match the user’s system configuration.

To create a one-click windows installer for MAVProxy, run MAVProxyWinBuild.bat`, which is in the ./windows directory. The installer will be created in the ./windows/output directory. The Inno Setup program will be required for this process and is assumed to be installed in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Inno Setup 6\ folder