Manual Roll and Pitch Tuning

Although there are many gains that can be tuned in Copter to get optimal performance, the most critical is the Rate Roll and Pitch P values which convert the desired rotation rate into a motor output. This alone will likely get it flying reasonably well at least in Stabilize mode.

This guide assumes you are using Mission Planner as your Ground Control software. Other software, such as QGroundControl or APM Planner can also be used.

Some general advice on how to tune this parameter:

  • Too high and the copter will oscillate quickly in roll and/or pitch
  • Too low and the copter will become sluggish
  • High powered copter should use a lower gain, under powered copters are a higher gain

Transmitter based tuning

See the Transmitter based tuning page for information on how to tune these values, as well as other parameters while in the air.

Video of in-flight tuning

Verifying performance with dataflash logs

Viewing the stabilize mode performance is best done by downloading a dataflash log from your flight, then open it with the mission planner and graph the ATT message’s Roll-In or DesRoll (pilot desired roll angle) vs Roll (actual roll) and Pitch-In or DesPitch (desired pitch angle) vs Pitch (actual pitch angle). These two should track well as shown below.