DROTAG x for Geotagging


DROTAGx enables non drone experts to get professional survey level results with it’s easy to use and included accessories:

  • Photo tagging directly on the camera card itself
  • Have a plain text log file with geographical data in the camera card itself. Includes Yaw, Roll, and Pitch of the Drone
  • 1 Picture every 1.6 seconds
  • Guaranteed correct tagging even if the camera misses several pictures in a row!
  • Hotshoe for camera flash feedback included for cameras with external flash. With the hotshoe installed take pictures as fast as your camera allows for, and microsecond accurate shutter lag
  • Also tags RAW photos
  • Customer support

More details can be found in the DROTAGx manual (airborneprojects.com) including pre-flight checklists, detailed explanations for diagnosis and other tips.


ArduPilot development team members report mixed results with this product. Some report it worked easily, others were unable to get it to work.


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