DROTAG x for Geotagging


DROTAGx enables non drone experts to get professional survey level results with it’s easy to use and included accessories:

  • Photo tagging directly on the camera card itself
  • Have a plain text log file with geographical data in the camera card itself. Includes Yaw, Roll, and Pitch of the Drone
  • 1 Picture every 1.6 seconds
  • Guaranteed correct tagging even if the camera misses several pictures in a row!
  • Hotshoe for camera flash feedback included for cameras with external flash. With the hotshoe installed take pictures as fast as your camera allows for, and microsecond accurate shutter lag
  • Also tags RAW photos
  • Customer support

More details can be found in the DROTAGx manual (airborneprojects.com) including pre-flight checklists, detailed explanations for diagnosis and other tips.


This page was originally created by Sandro Benigno and Guto Santaella and updated by Jesus Alvarez.