Rover Object Avoidance

This topic explains how to tune Rover’s simple objet avoidance feature


  • Up to 4 RNGFNDs may be used.
  • Debounce lets you specify the number of returns before triggering an obstacle avoidance event, good for filtering false returns.
  • Maximum and Minimum range of the RNGFND can be set.
  • The SONAR readings can be scaled and adjusted for your use.
  • When an obstacle is detected you can set the correcting steering angle and the time to hold it.

RNGFND parameters

The parameters that are relevant to the rangefinder(s) are listed here.

The parameters are set in the Mission Planner CONFIG/TUNING| Basic Tuning or CONFIG/TUNING | Standard Params pages):


Mission Planner: Rover SonarParameters


Mission Planner: Rover BasicTuning


All parameters may be adjusted in the “Advanced Parameter List” in Mission Planner. All the Rover user settable parameters are listed in APMrover2 Parameters.