Setting up the waf Build Environment on Windows using Cygwin

These setup instructions describe how to setup Cygwin on Windows so that waf can run natively and be used for building.


These instructions are new and have not been fully tested

Install Pixhawk Toolchain

Install Cygwin

  1. open a web browser to and select “Run setup-x86_64.exe”

  2. accept the all the prompts (including default file locations) until you reach the Select Packages dialog.

  3. Select the required packages from the thousands of available packages. Refer to the list below and enter each package “Name” into the Search field as shown below. When you have found the package click on the Skip button to change it to a version number and then move onto the next package:


    Cygwin Installer: Select Package Dialog

    Package Name Category / Name / Description
    autoconf Devel | autoconf: Wrapper scripts for autoconf commands
    automake Devel | automake: Wrapper scripts for automake and aclocal
    ccache Devel | ccache: A C compiler cache for improving recompilation
    g++ Devel | gcc-g++ GNU Compiler Collection (C++)
    git Devel | git: Distributed version control system
    libtool Devel | libtool: Generic library support script
    make Devel | make: The GNU version of the ‘make’ utility
    gawk Interpreters | gawk: GNU awk, a pattern scanning and processing language
    libexpat Libs | libexpat-devel: Expat XML parser library (development files)
    libxml2-devel Libs | libxml2-devel: Gnome XML library (development)
    libxslt-devel Libs | libxslt-devel: XML template library (development files)
    python2-devel Python | python2-devel: Python2 language interpreter (python3 does not work yet)
    procps System | procps-ng: System and process monitoring utilities (required for pkill)
  4. When all the packages are selected, click through the rest of the prompts and accept all other default options (including the additional dependencies).

  5. Select Finish to start downloading and installing the packages.


    Sometimes the installation can stall because of anti-virus protection software is running. If this occurs, shutdown all other programs on your PC including the anti-virus protection and try again.

Set up directories/paths in Cygwin

  1. open and then close the “Cygwin64 Terminal” application from the desktop or start menu icon. This creates initialisation files for the user in the Cygwin home directory.

  2. with your favourite text editor, open C:\cygwin64\home\<username>\.bashrc and add this line to include the Pixhawk Toolchain’s compiler.

    export PATH=$PATH:/cygdrive/c/pixhawk_toolchain/toolchain/bin

Build with Waf

You should now be able to start the “Cygwin64 Terminal” application from your Windows Start menu and build with waf as described in


The build may fail if the file path to some files is too long. If the build fails, please try cloning ArduPilot into a directory very high in the directory structure (i.e. ~/ardupilot).