Wiki Editing - Quick Edits

Below is a video tutorial for quickly editing the ArduPilot wiki

  • Create a Github account if you do not have one already

  • Find the page you wish to edit and click the Edit on GitHub link on the top right of the page to be taken to its source

  • Select the Edit this file icon

  • Make the changes in the “Edit file” tab and use the “Preview changes” tab to check the change. Note: links to other wiki pages are not rendered properly and will appear with :ref:` in front

  • At the bottom of the page under “Commit changes”

    • Fill in the subject line with a short description of the change

    • Optionally fill in an extended description

    • Click “Create a new branch for this commit”

    • Press the “Commit changes” button

  • When taken to the “Open a pull request” screen, press the “Create pull request” button

For more information see the Github Help topic: Editing files in another user’s repository


Wiki home pages (named “index.html”) do not have the Edit on GitHub link. You can still edit them by manually navigating to the desired page on Github.