MakeFlyEasy Striver Mini Hand Throw

This is a new generation of aerial test hand-thrown fixed wing, which inherits the safe and practical qualities of the MakeFlyEasy Fighter. The MFE team has made every effort to further improve the flight stability, power configuration and quick disassembly of this vehicle.

More information can be found on the MakeFlyEasy home page.

Basic Parameters

  • Material:EPO, EVA, carbon fiber, engineering plastics, etc.

  • Wingspan: 2100mm

  • Vertical arm: 744mm

  • Height of fuselage: 156mm (without foot pad)

  • Fuselage length: 1200mm

  • Wing area: 59dm²

  • Cruising speed: 18-21m/s

  • Max. load: 1kg

  • Max. takeoff weight: 7.5kg

  • Max. takeoff altitude: 3000m

  • Practical lift altitude: 4500m

  • Wind resistance: Class 5 (normal operation)

  • Takeoff mode: VTOL

  • Disassembly and assembly method: tool-less quick disassembly

  • Load compartment size: 180*150*110mm

  • Stall speed: 10m/s

  • Endurance performance: 96min/105km (speed 19m/s, load 600g, battery 6S@22000mah, takeoff weight 7.3kg, altitude 500m)

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