Setup Guide for MakeFlyEasy Fighter VTOL

The Fighter is a 10kg fixed-wing flight platform, which is easy to carry, friendly to operate, and is stable and durable.

More information can be found on the MakeFlyEasy home page.

Basic Parameters

  • Material: EPO,EVA,carbon fiber,PC,engineering plastics and etc.

  • Wing Span: 2430mm

  • Fuselage height: 180mm

  • Fuselage length: 1450mm

  • Wing area: 72.5dm2

  • Suggested flight speed: 17~20m/s

  • Stalling speed: 10m/s

  • Maximum payload: 2500g

  • Payload bay size: 280*160*110mm

  • Longest flight range: 150km (600g load)

  • Max take-off weight:11.5kg

  • Practical ceiling height: 4000m

  • Wind resistance: 5

  • Take-off and landing approach: VTOL

  • Dismounting way: tool-free

  • Transport case seize: 1.26m×0.35m×0.495m

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