Balance Bot Home


This module is at an experimental stage only. Proceed at your own risk!

Ardupilot can now run Balance Bots too! Well.. almost! There’s still a bit to go before this becomes a mainstream part of the ardupilot family. This guide is meant to help anyone interested, in trying out this new module before it is realeased. We would greatly appreciate your suggestions and feedback.

This guide explains how to test the balance bot module on the SITL simulator as well as on a real vehicle. Currently, this code has only been tested for Manual and Hold modes.

Before you proceed:

This module is still under development and can have serious bugs. The documentation is also limited. Hence we strongly recommend that only advanced users try this out. Proceed only if you meet the following criteria:

  1. Previous experience with an ardupilot vehicle.
  2. Can handle connections, assembly and configuration steps
  3. Familiar with how a balance bot works in theory
  4. Basic experience with linux shell

If you are all of the above, let’s go ahead. If not, dont worry! The final release will happen shortly. Stay tuned!