Hardware Setup

Look up the rover hardware assembly page for a step by step guide. This page only deals with the extra balance specific information.

Building your Balance Bot

Take a look at the Arduroller page for instructions on building your Balance Bot from scratch.

Supported Hardware:

The Balance Bot requires wheel encoders to run most flight modes. These require 4 Auxilliary pins on the flight controller. This places certain limitations on the hardware we can use.

Flight Controllers

  1. All full sized Pixhawk variants(Pixfalcon and Pixhawk Mini lack aux pins)
  2. Pixracer (2 pins for PWM, other 4 for wheel encoders)

Motor Drivers/ESC

We strongly recommend using motor drivers or ESCs which take servo PWM (50Hz,1-2ms) as input, like this one from Pololu. Duty cycle based motor drivers and those which use relay pins to control direction are not compatible with the Balance Bot as of now.

Wheel Encoders

The wheel encoder libraries are designed to run only with quadrature encoders with two output channels.