The SkyRocket SkyViper GPS streaming drone uses ArduPilot as its main flight control software. This page provides details for advanced users and potential developers on this RTF drone.

Where to Buy

The SkyViper GPS Streaming drone (version with FPV headset) is on sale through Amazon, ToysRUs (with FPV headset), Target and Costco in the US, Australia, Canada, Chile, France, German, Holland, Lithuania, Mexico, New Zealand, Serbia, UK since October 2017.

SkyRocket sells a variety of different drones, be sure to get the GPS Streaming drone which should have a white shell and usually sells for around $150 US.


We have a SkyViper section on the ArduPilot discussion forum. Have a look there to see what people are up to and ask questions.

More developer specific information including how to compile the sonix and ardupilot firmware can be found on the developer wiki.

Toy Mode

The Skyviper has Toy Mode set by default. Toy Mode handles the following functions, specific to the Sky Viper 2450GPS:

  • Handles the button presses from the transmitter
  • Magically trims the sticks when they’re idle and the SV is disarmed
  • Toggles the fence on and off depending on the situation
  • Basically, if GPS is “good”, the fence is armed, if GPS is “not good”, the fence is disarmed (for obvious reasons)
  • Toy Mode also handles moving you between ALT_HOLD and LOITER automatically depending on GPS Status.
  • Handles the LED bling (source: peterbarker)
  • Toy Mode automatically adjusts the thrust based on voltage
  • Toy Mode processes an arming script when armed using the throttle control to prevent sudden climbs (idles motors for a moment before increasing speed)
  • Performs some automatic Compass tuning if needed


  • STM32 CPU
  • 5x serial ports
  • 1x I2C
  • 1x SPI
  • ICM20789 IMU including 3-axis accelerometer, gyro and barometer
  • Ublox M8 GPS
  • 1S battery (4.2V max, replacement batteries are readily available on Amazon and other places)
  • brushed motors; 8.5x20mm with a kV between 16,000 and 17,000 as measured.
  • The small pinion is 13T and the larger one is 73T, which provides a gear ratio of approximately 5.6
  • the camera can be manually adjusted to point forward, down or anywhere in between
  • 2.4Ghz wifi for telemetry and video
  • 145g
  • flight time of about 11min
  • top speed of between 8m/s ~ 10m/s
  • video streaming uses a Sonix board with ARM CPU running FreeRTOS and OmniVision OV9732 chip

sUAS news interview with Tridge and Matt (from SkyRocket):