Rangefinders (landing page)ΒΆ

Copter/Plane/Rover support a number of different rangefinders including Maxbotix Sonar and Pulsed Light LED range finders. Rangefinders are used to provide precise altitude information when close to the ground and/or provide proximity sensing for object avoidance.


Downward facing Lidar are used in flight modes which have height control, such as Altitude Hold, Loiter and PosHold Mode. The data from the sensor will be used until you exceed RNGFND_MAX_CM, after that it switches to the barometer.

Copter-3.4 (and higher) includes support for Terrain Following in Auto mode.

Copter-3.5 (and higher) can use lidar for object avoidance.


RNGFND_MAX_CM must be set to a tested, appropriate value. If RNGFND_MAX_CM is set to a value greater than the range of the sensor, the flight controller will not respond correctly to the data provided.

Follow the links below (or in sidebar) for configuration information based upon your set-up.