A member of the Canberra UAV team, led by Ardupilot lead plane developer Andrew "Tridge" Tridgell, readies the team's Ardupilot powered VTOL quadplane before their win of the Outback challenge "Medical Express" 2016. The plane, carrying a vial, flew autonomously to an area more than 20km away. It then flew a search pattern and found "Outback Joe", landed, and had the vial with a blood sample deposited by injured "Joe". It then took off again and flew safely back to base. More information about this epic flight can be found here. The team has won the prestigious Outback Challenge event for the third consecutive time, ahead of strong international teams. Image source: Youtube Video, BBC click.

A screenshot of Canberra UAV's groundstation during the challenge, including Ardupilot's Mavproxy (Ground control station software) screens. Image source: Youtube Video, BBC click.

Joe has been found, the plane landed, and Joe deposits the vial. Image source: Youtube Video, BBC

Canberra's VTOL quadplane on its autonomous way back to base after its pickup. Outback Joe appears unfazed, despite the fact that the UAV is saving his life.