Aerial Mapping

Fixed wing mapping drones are here to stay and can help you get vital information in a timely manner. They are good for aerial surveys from small sizes to huge areas.

Monitoring crops, soil, and forests

UAV's equipped with IR or multispectral cameras are very cost effective and convenient tools for providing information to help improve yield from crops or forests. NIR images show much more than what can be seen with naked eye. Healthy plants reflect NIR in a different way than infested or diseased plants, and also soil's NIR reflectance and transmittance depends e.g. on soil's moisture level. As a result it's possible to use NVDI indexes to see where the crops are healthy, where and when more irrigation or fertilization is needed, when is the right time to harvest the crops or prune trees and even possible to detect pest infestations which threaten to decrease the yield.

Environmental Moniotoring

ArduPilot fixed wing aircraft provide the ideal platform for environmental monitoring, all the way from coastal and forest monitoring to atmospheric monitoring in the upper atmosphere. With flexible mission planning and long endurance a fixed wing aircraft can cover a large area at high speed.

Inspect high-risk areas safely

Law enforcement officers often are confronted by situations where they need to see inside a dangerous area. Simply walking in may get officers injured or worse. UAVs can provide the much needed situational awareness without having to put people's lives at risk. Streaming video feed from a UAV is an invaluable tool in this kind of situations. The video feed can also be taken with an IR camera or an image intensifier hence providing a night vision capability for the drone.

See the overall situation

In a crowd control situation seeing in real time what is happening from a bird's eye view helps command-and-control make better and more informed decisions. Risks to public safety can be recognized earlier and threatening situations can be defused before they get out of hand. Video or pictures from a UAV can also be very useful for investigations, as they show the big picture. They can also provide evidence by showing an overhead view of a crime scene in multiple spectrums or by measuring the scene with laser sensors or image based measurement systems.

Perimeter surveillance

Drones can provide aerial surveillance for perimeters in a cost effective way. No need for a helicopter or a pilot, an autopiloted drone equipped with motion tracking sensors can do the work. It can take pictures or video and trigger alerts in an intelligent way, as image recognition algorithms can filter out the false alerts and recognize the potential threats. UAVs can add a layer of security for important sites, VIP visits, top level meetings, public events etc.