Mission Planner SLCANΒΆ

SLCAN tool inside Mission Planner allows viewing, configuration and software updates of nodes connected to the CANBUS port of the flight controller.

Before the autopilot can be connected to Mission Planner using SLCAN, parameters have to be configured. See SLCAN Access on F4 based Autopilots or SLCAN Access on F7/H7 Based Autopilots for setup information. If Mission Planner is in the disconnected state, make sure the SLCAN port is shown as the selected COM port in the drop down box in the upper right corner of Mission Planner.

In Mission Planner, navigate to Initial Setup->Optional Hardware->UAVCAN(DroneCAN) click on the highlighted red button.


The autopilot will connect to Mission Planner using SLCAN, the window will populate with DroneCAN nodes connected.


If the node has bootloader only installed, then firmware will need to be uploaded. MAINTENANCE will be displayed. Click on update firmware. Firmware can be found here and downloaded for the node.


A pop up will open. Select no and then find firmware for your node previously downloaded and select it.


The Window will show Firmware being uploaded and a pop up will show status.

../_images/can-slcan-mp-upd.png ../_images/can-slcan-mp-updw.png

Once complete mode will change to OPERATIONAL, press the Parameters button to access node settings. From here DroneCAN device parameters can be accessed or changed.


Clicking on Inspector will open a popup window to view messages on the CANBUS.


To return to normal Mission Planner operation, change to another tab, and re-connect. You may need to wait 2 seconds before re-connecting.